H&E Productions is a full service multi-media marketing design agency with a heavy focus on video production for television, web and social media. But we also provide a variety of digital marketing services including graphic design, branding and copywriting.


Your brand is everything. It tells your clients and your prospective clients who you are and why they should be doing business with you. But a creatively crafted brand does more then just make you look good, it helps you to differentiate, communicate and connect with your audience.  We work with businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries, even  non-profits, to creatively craft an image that is uniquely yours. Let us help you tell your story to the world.


In today's marketing environment, if you're not using video in your marketing, you're not marketing. Whether you need a killer ad for television, a welcome video for your website's homepage, a viral video for social media or property video for your real estate business, our award winning team of marketing experts will provide insight and produce the project that's right for your business and budget using state of the art equipment and software.


Okay, you've shot your masterpiece but now you need some polish. H&E's post production team can edit your video using state of the art software and technology and knowledge of current trends in video styles.

Video not looking like you hoped? Let H&E color correct and color grade your video to give it that professional look you had hoped for.



Already have your project in the can but looking for someone with more than 20 years of award winning experience to cut it together? H&E Productions is an experienced post-production house ready to work with you to finalize your vision. From editing, to animation, to graphics and more, our team is ready to meticulously edit your project no matter how big or small. And because we have worked in the fast pace world of television, quick turnarounds are often no problem at all. If it needs to be done yesterday, give us a call!

Need music? No problem! H&E has a library of over 10,000 fully licensed music to create any mood or tone your project needs.


So what is the difference between color correction and color grading and why do you need either?









Color correction is often defined as “Correcting problems of the underlying image.” Some examples:

  • Fixing exposure problems

  • Fixing white balance problems

  • Repairing excessive noise from aggressive ISO settings

  • Expanding contrast from LOG- or Flat- recorded images

  • “Developing” the image from RAW recordings

  • Setting the initial black-, white- and gamma points

Almost every shot needs one of these corrective actions applied to it. These are the first things a colorist needs to look at before doing anything else while color grading.


What is color grading?

After correcting the initial image problems, colorists move into the realm of the color grade. Some examples include:

  • Shot matching: Ensuring the editor”s “invisible edit” isn’t revealed by shots that look different as the timeline plays down

  • Removing distractions: Isolating and manipulating annoying elements that prevent shots from matching each other

  • Controlling the viewer’s eye: Using shape masks (or other techniques), attracting the eye to the focal point of interest

  • Creating looks: Stylizing an image to indicate a flashback, dream sequence, or re-creation—or simply to give the entire project a unique feel.

    H&E has experienced color grading experts ready to put that final polish on your project.


Graphic design is about visual communication that instantly connects with your customers and helps them associate your business or organization with the products, services and values you hold. Our graphic design team has extensive experience in graphic design sand have worked with companies of all sizes and industries. We'll work with you to create a design that is uniquely yours.


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